July 13, 2017

Stonybrook Capital Establishes Formal Board of Directors

A Formal Board heralds the next stage in the evolution of Stonybrook Capital

New York, NY — Stonybrook Capital announces the formation of a formal Board of Directors.  The Board includes two independent directors, John DiGregoria, and Ian Winchester, and three internal directors, Dwight Evans, Ravi Arps, and Joe Scheerer.  Each member offers complementary perspectives, including operations, corporate finance, reinsurance, and capital strategy.

External director, DiGregoria, is Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Board member of HOLBORN Corporation, which is an equity owner of Stonybrook Capital.  Winchester, also an equity owner, is an accomplished insurance sector entrepreneur, and former board member of Endurance Specialty Holdings, Ltd., Montpelier Reinsurance, Ltd., and several Lloyd’s syndicates.

Evans is the founder, former chairman and CEO of global reinsurer, Arch Capital Group, Ltd., and former CEO of White Mountains Re.  He is Senior Managing Director and now board member of Stonybrook Capital.  Arps and Scheerer are both founding members of the Firm, and serve as senior investment bankers for the Company.

“The Stonybrook Capital relationship broadens Holborn’s value proposition for our clients and prospects. We trust Stonybrook Capital to bring insights and solutions to the senior management and boards of our valued clients,” said John DiGregoria.

“We successfully built Stonybrook Capital over the past few years, based on relentless client service and thoughtful strategies. The formation of a Board sends a message to the industry that we are here to stay,” said Dwight Evans.  “It further demonstrates the growth of the Firm and natural evolution forward, in building an appropriate corporate governance structure, to better serve its targeted client base in the insurance and reinsurance industry,” said Winchester.

Stonybrook is a merchant and investment-banking firm located in New York City that focuses exclusively on the insurance and reinsurance industry.  Securities transactions are executed through Weild & Co., member FINRA | SIPC.

Corporate Contact:
Joseph M. Scheerer
[email protected]