Stonybrook partners with the insurance industry, raising capital and providing ideas to help businesses grow.

Contact our team of industry experts for help with mergers and acquisitions, strategic advice, and more.
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We do this by uncovering actionable insights beneath the surface noise.

Our Services

Leading to agile capital solutions.

We work efficiently and effectively with unwavering exceptional customer service, leading to a successful and profitable track record for our clients.
Our Engagements

Our Strategic Advantages


  • Reach high-level players at established firms
  • Nurtured relationships that span decades


  • Provide a comprehensive study of strategic alternatives
  • Analyze all applicable capital structure alternatives in the context of optimizing shareholder returns and/or profitability, rating agency sensitivities, regulatory needs, and the reinsurance program – protecting your balance sheet


  • Decades of insurance- focused expertise
  • Industry partnerships and 80+ employees wholly focused on the insurance industry

Track Record

  • Leadership experience on a myriad of insurance investment banking assignments
  • Highly educated team members from the top 25 schools and prestigious previous firms

Breadth & Depth

  • Shareholders include HOLBORN Corporation – a white-shoe reinsurance intermediary founded in 1920
  • Strategic alliance with well-established merchant bank, Weild & Co
  • London and global reach through strategic alliance leading London broker Alwen Hough Johnson and its investment banking arm, AHJ Capital Markets.